[suggestion] Open a suggestions forum

A suggestions forum would be a great place for suggestions that come up. Due to the vast amount of suggestions that already came up, however, maybe only make it so new suggestion posts would go in there.

I was really thinking about this. There seems to be comments and suggestions on nearly every, if not every, single aspect of this game. To properly dicuss them all there will probably most definitely need to be a separate forum. Personally I was thinking of taking screenshots of certain screens, such as the deployment screen, and saying: “This is how it looks and works right now, what suggestions do you have for this part of the game?” Or something along those lines.

As it is, it seems that development of the game in terms of suggestions and game play and balance are currently taking a backseat to well… actually getting the game to work properly. I’m sure when time allows, there’ll be a suggestion forum.

I think that screenshot idea would be a solid move. We would get some really good discussion out of something like that in a Suggestions subforum when the game is at the appropriate maturity level.

Bump. The screenshots idea is a good one. Check out brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/22036/ an example of how the Ubuntu developers handle this. Granted tweaking your system tray behaviour is nowhere near as cool as blowing up spaceships, but you get the idea. :wink:

And yes, we really need a separate suggestions sub-forum.

I agree, we need the forum!