[Suggestion] Permit us to delete our own posted challenges

Currently we cannot delete a public challenge once posted. It would be quite helpful to such events as the Grand Challenge Quests if we could delete our own posted challenges at a later date.

It’s easier than making deterministic battles. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can already surely? Is there not a big delete button on the posted challenges? If you list them on the challenge browser?

No there isn’t.

I’ve been wondering this also… where is the delete button… did you hide it Cliff? Is it only for super awesome players??? =):

well… it was there… i know because i used it to … delete all my challenges :slight_smile:

but that was a few patches ago.

OUCH, reversion to previous code… I hate when that happens =): It’s literally the bane of my existence.

can nobody else see this?

Well, yes, I can see THOSE. But you didn’t select public posted challenges, but personal, in the filter. We are asking about public challenges we posted. Personal ones to myself, I can delete.

Ahaha. I see. I thought these could be deleted. I’ll fix it…

This will be fixed in 1.16 :smiley:

Would it be possible to hide or delete other people public challenges from our own list? Then it would be easier to hide older challenges that we don’t want to play anymore. Or be able to save our favorite challenges to find them easily.