Suggestion - Political Opportunity

You could have a system where a policy that is currently talked about or is relevant at this particular moment could be cheaper (in PC cost) to implement or modify and/or have an added benefit when implemented the first turn after the problem appears (increase for “Compassionate” or even a new perception stat like “Listener” for example).

Some examples are:

  • Flash Crash: “Limit Automated Trading”
  • Smuggling: “Border Controls”
  • Any form of domestic or terrorist attack: Any Law and Order policy (I know it’s already covered by emergency powers, but I’m thinking of just reducing slightly the PC cost, no drastic change)
  • Defeat in World Cup: Any policy about sports
  • Deadly Virus Outbreak: “State Healthcare Service” and “Healthcare Vouchers”

And many more. I think it would help to simulate the cynical view of politicians that any disaster is an opportunity to further their agenda if played well.