[Suggestion] Pre determined Waypoints, dlc and scenarios.

I’d like to see pre-determined waypoints that ships follow during the engagement instead of just “retreat when x percent is hit”, the ships don’t seem to have any good navigational sense in the simulation, pre scripting where they move via waypoints would be nice if you have no plans in the future to make the units controllable in a sequel in a limited semi-rts style.

Also DLC - I think you need to work on interesting scenarios, if you’re going to add new ships add a bunch of new single player levels, I loved testing the new ships against new challenges while trying to optimize my honor points to get the best scores.

I also think space battles is going to get played out if you don’t put some meat into its gameplay for an update in the future, I bought the first xp pack but I haven’t even touched it, I still play the original levels or challenges.

i agree completely with the waypoints thing, but the rest…?



I didn’t make myself clear in the latter half of my post I must have been half asleep now that I re-read it.

no, that’s not what i meant. did you read the message i got from god?


i understood what you wrote, and so did God, but neither of us agree

No to waypoints, control is a no no.

As for challanges… there is this huge list of challanges.
Click the challange button.
Way harder/better than any of Cliffskis.

However, i think online challanges should have honour.
You dont get awarded it, but in the new challange screen, you get to see whos won with the most honour, and by how much.
It would be interesting for some of the harder, more popular challanges.

You suck at games if you think this, seriously. You fringy types are what keeps a developers games in the gaming ghetto. The AI for your ship movement is so braindead waypoints would be an improvement. You can disagree with me on control but you certainly can’t on the brain dead movement algorithms.

I suspect that anyone can disagree with you on any topic they like. Free will and all.

Sarcasm aside, I have no problems with the so-called “brain dead” movement algorithms. And I agree on the No to waypoints. It fundamentally changes the game. Tell your ships how to move, who to shoot at, how close to get, and whether to run away. Any more than that is inching ever-closer to the control-freakness of RTS games (my own personal opinion).

And I must say that I don’t really appreciate the whole tone of the above quoted post. Very rude, and bordering on the type of “personal attack” that I have seen get people banned from some forums. I’m just saying.