Suggestion: Prevent repeating battles for honor

Currently, I can build a fleet that beats the “normal” difficulty for 10,000 or so honor, save the deployment and then just pump the game for honor points. This isn’t very fun (so the simple idea is just not to do that).

But, I would like to know the maximum honor I’ve ever gotten for each battle, which leads to my suggestion:

Once I’ve done a battle and gotten, say, 10,000 honor, then I can only get more honor from that battle by beating it on a harder difficulty or by getting more than 10,000 (at which point I am awarded the difference). There are enough fights in the game to unlock everything this way and it would encourage playing on the harder difficulties. Also, it would give me something of an additional motive to keep tweaking my fleets in the single player game.

[edit]So my feature is already there! Yay! I posted this because whenever I would get a new update and find something locked, I could just redo the 80,000 point mission for enough honor to unlock everything again. This is apparently just a bug/feature of the beta and is not part of the released game.[/edit]

I’m pretty sure the game already works exactly as you describe. If you play the same level twice with the same deployment (and win) you won’t get any extra honor.

The manual says

So if does something different, it’s a bug.

(What’s with this “honor”, by the way? It’s an odd way for a “cat-owning, indie game developer from England” to spell it)

true, but I got sick of people thinking I couldn’t spell when I did a game called planetary defence. It’s just not worth the hassle :frowning:

Don’t feel bad. Led Zeppelin is spelled as it is because the band memebrs didn’t want confusion over whether “Lead Zeppelin” was pronounced “led” or “leed”. :slight_smile:

So, if a battle allows 20000 points, and I win once using 15000 points worth of ships and earning 5000 honor, then repeat the battle with using only 10000 points worth of ships, I get another 5000 points?


This also means if you win the battle earning only 1 point of honor, the battle is now useless to you for earning the rest of the honor.

Optimally, you should try to win each scenario with the highest profit when you play through it on easy the very first time.

That said, there isn’t much optimisation to be done - I completed missions on “easy” without earning much honor then flew through them on normal and hard and by the end of it I had bought everything and had 69k honor just sitting there.

The system needs tweaking to reduce the honor that can be obtained in easy mode to make the whole thing more challenging.

I did get some honor by repeating battles I had already completed though. How did that happen?

This is indeed as it should work. Are people saying this not happening?

As far as I am aware you earn 0 honor if you repeat a battle. My first few battles earned me less than 100 honor since I did not understand the system and just spammed ships. When I was better at it, I attempted to replay these missions with fewer ships and a decent strategy but I earned nothing.

Maybe I’m wrong… but I specifically tried to do this and I’m certain I got nothing…

I’m pretty sure it works as goduranus asked. I’ve certainly won a small amount of extra honor when replaying a mission with one fewer ship.

Just to be clear, we’re saying that it’s possible to gain honor for missions that you’ve already completed, but you’ll only be able to gain the difference in honor from your two attempts?

So if you do one attempt using 19000 of 20000 resources, you’ll get 1000 honor. Do it again using 17000, you’ll gain 2000?

I’m going to have to go retest this now I guess. When I tried it (replaying the 2nd or 3rd mission on easy after completing it for only 100 honor) I really didn’t think my honor count went up at all. I just assumed that was by design so perhaps I was mistaken/misread it when I saw it. I wasn’t really expecting to be able to replay old missions to gain honor really anyway.

Not that I need more honor :slight_smile: Hey cliffski, can we get something pointlessly extravagant to put on our ships with excess honor? I want to ride into battle with a gold plated armour and marble statues on the hull. :smiley:

That’s certainly how it’s supposed to work.