[Suggestion][QoL] Percentage indicator on the side of line chart

Hi Cliff,

I really enjoy the new Democracy 4 and all the new features you added.

  1. But just, could you please add one more? That’s the percentage indicator on the side of those line charts UI, so I can adjust some policies if the leverages are more than enough. Right now there’s no easy way(unless do the math myself) to figure out how much budget wasted if some indexes passed 100%

  2. Also, the threshold percentage indicator for crisis and development bonus would be nice, so that there’s no under/overreaction and under/over budget when facing them.

  3. Plus, could you please add a forecasting value(final value sum for some slow-react indexes) percentage near the causes section? That’s gonna be helpful in tracking the trends and react faster enough.

These are just some rough ideas for QoL, I’m sure you can refine them. But please implement them… at least give an option to turn it on and off.

Last, a preview of policy will be prefered before I actually want to implement them!

Just as an alternative:

Obviously not as well made as yours, but I hate the idea of getting all that information without comitting to spending anything.

Perhaps don’t grey out Cancel Policy when the policy isn’t yet implemented. Could also rename it to, like “never mind” or something

I think all the info we get in the policy interface are just estimates, in fact you didn’t see the results the next turn right?
Your idea is pretty good but I just want things simple as the game is complex enough. Non-transparency is not gonna help me to make people’s life better (or worse).

Haha true, just don’t bother to PS that, you can telling from the blue-ish lining of the “Cancel Policy” button
“Never Mind” is a good phrase with relative short length.

Just wanted to notify you that is seems Cliff has decided on this design for now.