[Suggestion] Randomized Playthroughs

I am aware of all of the challenges that are currently in the game. I am one of those people that love replayability and randomization (not saying that this game doesn’t already have a ton of replayability). One thing that will get me to really love this game is objective randomization. You can pick the category of randomization like the category of challenges. for example a beginner type randomization will be something like maintain a profit of 100000 for 7 months and an advanced one will ask you to make a profit of 250000 with all cure rated a B or higher. The list goes on and on… I wouldn’t think this would be hard to code as you already have the objective engine figured out for the most part. I think it adds a surprise element to the game when you create a new game because you never know what you have to do to win. Completing a randomized challenge will give you “bragging points” depending on the difficulty. This will give the player a feeling of accomplishment. You may use these points to spend on your friends to show how cool you are. when you start up the new game, in the objectives tab, it will show you how many “bragging points” you will earn for completing the challenge because one randomization may be harder than another. You may also add an option to force a certain amount of “bragging points” onto a randomization, or you can let the player choose what objectives to complete for the more structured player. I think this will add loads more content to the game and keep your fans playing that much longer! I just threw out a bunch of suggestions about randomization and I hope this will inspire the developers!