[Suggestion]Rate my challenge - Implemented

At the moment the ALL challenge list is an ever growing list of challenges with no date filtering. After the official release, this list is going to become huge. Which challenges are the best? Which do people like the most? If a 5 star rating system was in place people could rate challenges accordingly.

Also, a question. What are the ‘Auto’ challenges and how are they created?

Both these issues are now acted on :smiley:

Nice, I find the rating system pretty handy. In the future it would be nice to see a “Hall of fame” for challenges that have been considered the best by the GSB community. Perhaps the really good challenges could be maintained and updated so that they still work as intended after balance patches.

Or perhaps the original poster could do this, but if this is the case, it would help to be able to see the version of the game that each challenge was posted with.