[Suggestion] Remove right-click-to-sell when repurposing

When moving a machine, it is annoying when we right-click expecting it to just “cancel” the move, and then it sells the machine for half the price :/.

Yep. Should be disabled during machine dragging, and enabled again after you drop the machine.

I did this so many times! Sometimes with an audible gasp from me. It was horrible :’(

It also happens when the user press the ESC key :confused:

Right clicking should not sell machines regardless…I would rather have a key assigned for deleting…you know, the one that says “delete.” But that’s my opinion. Sometimes lag forces a start-drag on the screen and you can’t get out unless you right-click again, which sells whatever is under the drag center.

The least Positech could do is give us an inventory…or a number next to the machine list that says how many we have “in stock.” Removing machines increase the number, and building machines decrease the number (and only charge us when we have ‘0’). Belts are also a pain in the butt…why would a company sell belts just to buy them again in order to change orientation? That makes no sense! Please give us an inventory! Thanks

+1 to this… I’ve done this sooo many times!

Um… cuz the belt they have is a t-junction going off to some old machine and the new one they need is just a straight line and they don’t want their precious ingredients to go careening off the cliff of the t-junction leading to the floor instead of a machine. It’s not like the belt would magically transform its shape…

I have an inventory for machines… it’s called the other part of the factory. I move machines i’m not using into the gaps in between the belts and machines I AM using. Saves selling them, and they are stored in what would otherwise be dead space.

However… moving them around and accidently deleting them with a right click IS a pain.