[Suggestion] Reveal more of the cure tree

I’ve found it rather annoying that the cure tree only shows you drugs that are one level better than ones I’ve unlocked. Say I have a level 5 cure in one type of drug, and I want to also make a level 5 cure in another type, but I’ve only gotten to level 2 in that tree. I can’t even see what catalysts and machines are required to upgrade it (or if it can upgrade that far for that matter), since I can only see up to level 3 in that tree. I propose the following change:

Show the cure tree for all unlocked ingredients up to one level beyond the highest level drug unlocked.

That means that if I have a single level 3 drug, all of my cures are shown up to level 4, not just the one I have level 3 in. That gives me more options in which level 4 cure to make (rather than being forced to go to level 3 in several cures to compare).