[SUGGESTION] reverse shaker option

At times the ingredient you want to move to a particular slots is 3 slots away (in the normal 1-way direction of shakers) from where you need it.

Suggest option to “reverse” the Shaker direction.

Multi-mixers have options to swap outputs (and centrifuge has even more complex output swap options). Couldn’t a Shaker have similar for a simple “reverse direction”?

It may be intended to be this way for more “challenging” gameplay, but personally I’d like this option.

Or, instead, you could just shake the other ingredient.

As Omnirach said, shake the other ingredient.

You shouldn’t ever need the 3-slot Shaker upgrade. If ingredient A needs 3 shakes, B will only need 1 instead. And if A needs 2, so will B.

I suppose I could try to gen up some weird scenario where I don’t have room in the factory to shake the “first” ingredient and need to reverse-shake the “second” instead, but will leave it at… fair point.

I think the more complete reply would be “it already exists at the Shaker 5th upgrade… 3 slot shakes = reverse direction shake”.
The 2 slot shake option (3rd level upgrade, IIRC) probably has more use cases, but the points about a 3-slot shake being mostly not needed are still valid.

Emmote’s reply “You shouldn’t ever need the 3-slot Shaker upgrade.” was hinting that it is available as an upgrade.

Admitted edge case, but for the heck of it, if I happened to have an ingredients A, B, C.
A has Cat3 in 2 slot and Cat4 in 3 slot, B needs Cat3 in empty 1 slot and C needs Cat4 in empty 2 slot, a 3 slot shake for A would work nicely.
Not that I’ve ever seen that.