[Suggestion] Rewording

I guess this is the right forum rather than the support forum, as these aren’t bugs.

There’s a bit of confusing wording when editing the parameters for the ‘cautious’ command: its slider reads “Retreat at Damage ##%”, but doesn’t make clear whether the percentage represents damage taken, or damage left. That is to say, it’s hard to know whether putting it to 90% means the ship(s) will retreat only on their last legs, or at the first sign of trouble.

There’re also a couple of labelling errors I’ve noticed - the cruiser laser and pulse laser texts seem to have been mixed up. I have a /feeling/ there was something else, but can’t recall off the top of my head.

various sliders for cautious, to let it be set for shield damage, would be very handy. That would let ships retreat after taking some shields, and maybe come back later with fully charged defenses.