Suggestion: Reworking Same Sex Marriage Policy

Apologies if this was already covered in a different thread.

Currently, the Same Sex Marriage policy is a cancellable policy with a freeform slider ranging from “None,” to “Maximum.” Quite frankly, this doesn’t make any sense. It would be a lot more realistic if it were an uncancellable, bracketed slider that used notched policy positions like Abortion and Selective Schooling with a range along the lines of Illegal > Domestic Partnerships Allowed > Civil Unions Allowed > Marriage Allowed > Mandatory Church Accommodation (that last one’s wording is flexible).


This idea is partially already being discussed: see here

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This is a fair point. Currently we have a minor issue where the slider names are always in English. Maybe once I get that fixed, there will be a good opportunity to add custom names for more of them like this one.