Suggestion: Saltier Socialists

Well, consolidation would still have to have a value, and this makes way more sense than the alternative.

That’s kind of the whole point of the situation mechanic, to create things that you can’t reverse just by removing the start conditions.

I forgot about that policy, but yeah, it’s a perfect fit.

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The game is very easy regardless of what route you take. But it’s not as friendly to market solutions as it is planned ones.

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See, consolidation leading to fake news doesn’t make quite as much sense to me. I’d say the internet and everyone having a platform is what killed the enlightenment, not massive news networks.

I would wholly disagree. If anything the democratization of platforming has maintained a plurality of thought in an era of guided truth. (though an overly polarised one)

True, unqualified internet users aren’t trusted sources, but corporate empires aren’t the happy alternative.

I’d discuss further, but it’d be off topic.

FWIW, monopolies, as a negative situation sounds like a really cool idea to me. I definitely think we need a way to represent the downside of the growing power of the FAANG companies (Facebook, Apple,Amazon,Netflix, Google), and consolidation in areas like media…
As mentioned, the trick is having enough inputs in/out of it so that it adds value. Maybe needs to be a separate thread…

Anyway, 1.11 is out today. Socialists should be less of a pushover than before…



  • oil conglomerates
  • telecom and internet services (particular in the US)
  • super market chains
  • media anythings

Those big tech companies may well be particularly visible in media and such, but there are plenty other examples.


This could also be an avenue for throwing out some kind of policy relating to encouraging cooperative/mutualist company structure since lib/lefts keep asking about that on this forum every month or so

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