[SUGGESTION] Sandbox Mode / Do Whatever You Want

It would be nice if we had a sandbox mode, or a level where we have all the tech tree available, and we could choose how many competitors we want, and are able to just build/design our hearts out. With or without money limits of course.

Definitely need this. Challenge is nice but sandbox is a huge part of most econ/builder sims.

This has been asked before:

And yes people would like that feature (me too).

Just start whichever size/scenario you want and keep playing?

I’ve done that. It’s like getting ice cream bars from the store and not the ice cream man, it’s just not the same.

They have announced a “Full unlock” mode where all tech will be unlocked. You can see the announce here: bigpharmagame.com/schedule.html

And you could immediately take out all three loans to go along with the full tech as well, so that would be close to sandbox mode.

I currently writting a translation of the game.

In the strings-en.data file there ist a line “Sandbox” right between “Tutorial” and “Beginner”