[SUGGESTION] selectable capacity for Upgraded Packers

Would like the abilit to select the Packer capacity when Upgrade has been used to increase capacity.
Similar to the way some other machines have options to select (e.g. multi-mixer), game would allow the player
to select the # drugs per box for each packer when it has been upgraded. Too much to ask? maybe.
Here’s why:

Had 2 drug packers to one outlet port before upgrading packer and was getting full capacity - 2 drugs per tick (or 18 drugs per 9 ticks -see below)
and showed 60 drug per month on company tab.

Upgraded Packer to 3 drugs per box for use in another line later in the game, but now my original 2 packers are producing 5 boxes per
9 ticks (5 packages and 4 blanks to the output per 9 ticks). Each box now has 3, so I’m getting 15 drugs per 9 ticks - compared to 18 drugs before.
Company tab shows 54 drugs per month.

A second line w/ slightly different belt layout also has gaps but stil managed to hit 60 drugs per month after the upgrade.
So I could A) change the 1st line layout to match (assuming I have room and notice the issue after upgrade)
or B) add a 3rd packager to the 1st line (if I haev a 3d input port somewhere and, again, assuming I have room and notice the issue after upgrade).

Upgrade Packer to 4 drugs per box gives different capacity - 1st line fluctuate b/w 52 & 56 per month, and 2nd line b/w 56, 60, and 64 per month.

It may seem trivial, but late game w/ big factories, once I have a drug performing well (and maybe locked out AI w/ patents and have OP regulatory connection)
I’d prefer to not have to worry about them changing just b/c I used Research Points to Upgrade.