Suggestion: shields eventually going back up during battle

I understand the need for shields to go down and to not immediately start recharging. However, why not make them able to eventually start recharging. This can be done similar to the way shield disruptor bombs work with shield stability: whenever enough bombs cause shield stability to go down to zero, the shields drop UNTIL shield stability recharges.

My suggestion is that whenever shields go down, shield stability also goes to zero, but starts recharging. Once shield stability is back at 100%, then start recharging shields from zero (and play the shield dropping effect in reverse, the shield dropping sound effect in reverse, and have the ship broadcast a message such as “Our shields are coming back online! I hope they have some time to recharge before we take more hits!”). However, if the shield generators start taking damage, then also reduce the recharge rate of shield stability and the shields. Also, if the shields come back online and the ship is still taking damage then they will just go back down, stability will go back to zero, and the shields will stay down until stability is fully charged again.

This may not change many battles but would certainly force enemy captains to finish off shielded ships before they get a chance to get their shields back up. And my main reason for this request is for the mod community: shielded fighters. Currently, even if they make it back to a carrier to dock and repair, their shields still stay at zero.

i think a nexus like shield system will be nice

where when the shield is “down” it starts recharging immediately but does not begin to cover the ship again until it’s at about 40 percent or so

It would indeed be nice if shields could go back up again after a while. Once knocked out it should stay knocked out for a time before the shield crew is able to restart the shield. Hopefully the armor will hold up long enough for the shields to be restored, or else the ship is in for some trouble.

Lol this does more in boosting the effectiveness of armor tanks than shields.

I mean, who wouldn’t use the co-op tag if shields work this way?

Actually, my understanding is that the shield dropping is the energy projection conduit breaking.

then they should be able to be repaired. like in a hangar or with a repair module…

not everything can be fixed by a repair module. Suppose it requires the PERFECT recreation of a lense made of a rare element? Just saying that some things break and can’t be fixed short of time in a repair bay…

but i do agree, if that’s what’s going on then odds are a repair module should be able to fix it

Well has anyone ever played Star Wars Battlefront 2!!!

The shields go down yeah, and the big glass thingy goes smash and half disappears and whatever, but a minute of standing there with the Fusion Cutter and suddenly it just pops back and shields are up again!

What im saying is that, (NO OFFENCE TO GSB) but a game thats on the SHELVES (or used to be anyway) and can get away with something that cheap and incredibly fail means that such a gratuitous game like gratuitous space battles can surely have shields going up again, I mean like come on, its not like repair crews have this tiny little stick with what I suspect is a printed (fake in-game) readout that permanently says 200°!!!


agreed that was a big fail in that game…

but i think that shields should be able to be repaired in a carrier.

and i think that the problem of shields breaking when they enter a carrier, even if they were fully opperational before, should be fix´d.

Well, u guys dont understand that will be too overpowered on races / designs that have shield boosts. And on a frigates with good speed, it will be such a hell to have a frigate that is hard to track with shields that are regenerating everytime. Think on it.

And again… lol. Stop watching too much star wars and playing games (i used to love sw battlefrong 2 in fact i think i have it installed on my comp anywhere lolz…). In some games or films, the shields come back, on other tv shows like star trek, once the shields are gone, they cant come back (and this is more logical, u need power to maintain the shields, too much if u want to regenerate em again at full capacity). I think this is cuz shields are designed for 1 dead end use, once they are gone, they are gone no matter wat. And Ponyus, sorry but it is not a game fail, its the way it should be. But of course there is no sense to lose the shields (or not be able to repair) when a fighter goes into a carrier bay. But thats logical if u think the game was not intended to have shielded fighters, but i suposse a patch should fix that with no major problems.

The only thing i miss about shields is the faced shields, i mean , if a ship hits u in front, then THE FRONT SHIELD is damaged, not the entire shield. That will be an amazing addon cuz will allow toons of strategies and ship shield-weapon configurations. That reminds me for example, one of the best star trek - space tactical games ive ever played, “Star Trek Starfleet Command II”.

Weeeellll NEMESIS eh? What about the fact that armor is too OP on stuff that has good Repair systems eh? Itz hard to take out a frigate with constantly repairing armor eh? And about the power requirements, u need more power to bring shields back up, then u have a module that repairs shields! That way it uses up more power! And ANYTHING can be done when theres more powa involved…

THATS the reason we cant make the shields regenerating too. It will be produce eternal games… xD. Nah, now seriously, we are talking about a repair system, that is another module, not talking about a native regenerating capability of the shields.

Yea ANOTHER thing completely different is a module that repair shields,thats completely possible, since u can lose the repair module too. Wat i mean, the shields are good like they are now, but a module that repairs shields will be awesome.

Yes, the idea of a Shield Capacitor module has been brought up before - something cheaper than a shield module, perhaps functioning like so:

  • Shields go down.
  • Capacitor begins charging.
  • When capacitor is charged, a functioning shield generator restores its shield at 50% of its capacity and can now regenerate normally.

The idea being, you do have a period with no shields; it would make armor perhaps a bit more useful, since without armor, if you’re still taking damage while the shields are out, the generator (or the capacitor) may be destroyed before the recharge. And of course, if you’re the object of focus fire, most likely the ship will be slaughtered before the capacitor charges.

Might change the idea of defense a bit - replace a shield with a capacitor to reduce cost/weight etc. but then you take your chance that the capacitor will do you some good.

No, the idea being that anything that makes shield go back up will do nothing to help shield. It just makes everyone use co-op to focus fire a ship to death before any shield regen takes effect. What it will do is make armor tank impossible to bypass because you can no longer afford putting retaliation/rescuer on any of your ships.

I dont think so. It is the same spot that the shield disruptors. The ship takes damage when the shields are gone yes, but when the shields get online again, u have shields again.

Edit: Actually you are right. Nothing stops me from adding a shield on a 55 armor tank or even a 73 armor tank. Good luck trying to kill that with shields going back up.

You can’t make the shield reactivation work for normal ships without making it outright broken on armor tanks.

does it really matter THAT much when u pretty much have only enuff room for ONE shield ONLY?

Yes it does. Every time the shield goes back up it blocks beams for 2 seconds and give the repair module time to repair the crit damage. So you are much more likely to burn through the supplies.

Thats exactly the same thing i said some posts ago, its not a good idea, but if u make something that can repair shields, must be an expensive module, and not be able to put it on frigates. On cruisers, i think is not than important, u will eventually get down the shields again and it supossed once u destroy the repair module the shields are gone forever. And of course the regen of the shields should be slower than the armor being repaired. But on frigates, if u make a fast frigate, imagine a tribe frigate configured on maximum speed with armour repair and shield repair… that will be eternal.

I disagree with frigate. Each frigate, nomatter how fast, still dies to dual rocket/painter focus fire in roughly 1 second. A frigate cannot live through a single rally of 128+ rockets to repair anything, and painters will make sure they get hit.

So unlike having a shield on armor tank, where the tank does not die in between shield activations, frigates cannot take advantage of this.

Aside from that, the Tribe frigate repair are useless for the same reason…