(Suggestion) Singleplayer High Score list

I really hope the final release gets some more Singleplayer missions.

But even without, granting players high scores (Final fleet score multiplied by honor) for taking out the SP missions in a particularly inspired way would up the SP replay value a good deal.

You can already see the tooltip that lists the most honor you’ve had when completing a mission by hovering over the difficulty icon for that particular mission. You could try and best that til you’re blue in the face it you would like :slight_smile:

But honor is only a measure of how few ships you brought to the battle. Bringing a minimal fleet and just barely making it counts for more than a reasonably sized but excellently balanced fleet that solidly trounces the enemy with minimal casualties. Multiplying the honor by the final fleet score would be a better measure of skill, IMO.

I doubt the Galactic Senate would agree, “DO MORE WITH LESS!!”.

I get your point and do agree

You could have something along the lines of score = honor - (point value of ships lost) to reward careful planning

I like the idea of high score lists :slight_smile: But why stop at one list when you can have several? Things to track for each mission would be:
Highest Honour
Quickest Time
Percentage Fleet (Tiebreak by Honour)
Some kind of score that balances the three above - some kind of (Honour Saved-Honour Lost)/Time
Maybe also track the three things plus number of fighters/frigs/cruisers in the list (and have a World Ranking!) (and a bit of text as name/description) to remind you of how you scored that ranking (maybe even save all the ships and the deployment - not sure how much space that would take…)

You could even give medals/trophies/etc. for making various levels (Gold/Silver/Bronze)

There could also be special challenge achievements for each mission (easy, medium and hard ones):
No fighters (or no frigates, or no cruisers) (or Only frigates/Only cruisers. Currently only fighters is a bit tough due to low fighter limits…)
No point defense
No armour (or no shields. Or no defense at all?!)
No (particular weapon type/particular module type)
Only lasers (or beams, or missiles - focus on one type of weapon)
Conditions could be complicated, like: 100% fleet at the end AND no cruisers.

This would encourage people to build/try different weapon combos - could also be made part of the challenge system.