[Suggestion] Specify belt directions

I am finding that sometimes the auto-pathing algorithm doesn’t create the correct paths when trying to use multiple 4-way crossings (trying to make a 100% throughput centrifuge configuration). This happens when the output of the crossings don’t immediately connect to a machine, but rather to another cross junction.

If we could manually specify the belt directions, or have a 100% throughput cross junction machine, that would solve this problem. :slight_smile:

I have dealt with this issue (making a 100% thoughput crossroad) in a bug report on how belts deal with loops (that is, not at all). And I have managed to create a 100% throughput crossroad, but only when loops are eliminated using process time 2 machines.

I saw you solution! :smiley:
Unfortunately, it adds a lot of additional bulk when you are trying to hook it up to three centrifuges. XD