[Suggestion] Stamping out fleets.

It can be tedious dragging out many of the same ship type. I’d love it if a single click on a design would pick it up like a stamp that I could quickly click click click all over the place (and then right click to drop it).

This would be awesome, in fact, any sort or copy & paste for the deployment screen would be.

Please, Santa Cliffski… :slight_smile:

It’s done. It will be in the next patch (likely tomorrow)
There will be a new ‘Mass Deploy’ right click menu option for the design icons, on then you can left-click deploy the ships on the map. Right clicking, or selecting an existing ship cancels it, as does running out of budget or pilots.

It would be nice if we could deploy formations if that formation didn’t exceed your pilot/cost limit so that you could create and save specific ship combinations to place. That way you can have formation and order as well as multiple different ship types with the click of a button.