Suggestion stat screen

Hello !

I have just tried version 1.41. I really like the small box giving the stats of a weapon during the battle ! And actually I think that it should replace the stat screen. What I think would be good is:
Having every ships to the left. We can select them, and then their weapon to view the same stats as the battle field. And maybe add the time at which it has been destroyed. To the right side the ennemy ships would be displayed. Those which have been aimed by the selected weapon would be highlighted, and when hovering over these ones the stat box specific to these (with that weapon) would be displayed. As well as the time the exploded if they did.

Do we need consolidation ? I don’t know. It the part which takes a lot of time to implement well and needs to be perfectly clear so that we understand what it shows. My feeling is just that system would be an improvement. But, well, you know how we are. As soon as you would have done something, you will have 10 persons asking for more!

Also, I thought that a similar stat box could be made for Shields, Armors and Scramblers to display how much damages they relfected/absorbed or how many missiles they scrambled. And the for the painting laser the stat on the number of missiles it succesfully guided home.

Ah, Cliff, whatever you do suggestions are raining!

Indeed. Adding such data shouldn’t be massively hard, if people find the new data useful.

people will find the data massively useful and will be grateful
people also wish to say thanks for the new feature

also,people wish to assimilate you,you are worthy of the collective