[Suggestion]Stats on Individual Weapons after battle

I’m finding that the analysis piece after a battle is not particularly interesting or helpful in determining whether a new design is holding up. I get gross percentages, but no real values. For example, if I change out one of my weapons to something else, I’d like to see how that particular weapon performed.

It would be a lot more useful for me to be able to click on each weapon, and show individual stats:

  1. How many shots fired (this is particularly critical as my ship may not be getting in proper range…so low number indicates I need to adjust orders for range, or put better engines on, or redo my formation)
  2. Percentage hit
  3. Shots fired at each class (Fighter, Frigate and Cruiser) - Again, for targetting / orders, am I engaging the correct ships?

Hopefully this is doable, as each weapon is shown for each ship after you click on it - just clicking on a weapon would bring up that weapon’s stats.

I’ve wanted better stats too for a while. I find the current stats to be worthless, because if I’ve been paying attention to the actual fighting I already know more about the results than they show me.

All three of the suggestions above are good, especially giving raw numbers (in addition to percentages) for hits, reflections and absorbtions. I’d also like weapon details in the defensive information, so that I’d know my armor was melted off by beam lasers rather than missiles or plasma. There have been a few battles where one of my ships has had its shields go down suddenly, and I have never had a good way to know why.

In addition to all of those concerns, which I agree with, I’m wondering if the info we get for fighter squadrons is any good. I haven’t been able to verify with certainty, but I think maybe all you get for fighter squads is the info for the lead ship, not aggregate info for the squad as a whole. Has anybody else noticed this?