[Suggestion] Suppression

I suggest that when ships are hit (anywhere, shields, armour or hull), they suffer a slight penalty to their accuracy - maybe a more serious penalty for a few seconds when they lose a module completely, and maybe a lesser penalty if the hits aren’t serious (fighter / frigate spamming light weapons fire).

The reason I suggest this is because of something someone mentioned on another thread, basically “I want all my ships to be firing at one target only”. This makes a kind of sense with the mechanics at present, but I think it’d look cooler if it made sense for lines of ships to be firing at their opposing numbers, instead of alway concentrating on one enemy ship at a time.

I know the Admiral told everyone to “concentrate all fire on that Super Star Destroyer!” but that was the exception rather than the rule. :smiley:

With Ships deploying EMP, target painters or shield disrupter weapons it makes more sense to spread the joy around rather than all ganging up and painting one target with 4 target painters; dropping its shields 3 times and putting it under 5 separate EMP effects. :smiley:

Basically, deploy the fleet you want to see, the modules are already there for a fleet that spreads its fire around or one that monomaniacally eats ships one at a time.

The other reason (which I should have said!) is that I’d been watching some of my cruisers in the Survival mode face off, singly, against multiple enemy cruisers and frigates, sitting at the centre of an enormous amount of fire and not even slightly flustered by it. Not that it wasn’t fun watching them calmly pick off four or five enemy cruisers in a row while taking fire from all of them…