[Suggestion] Survival Score Validation

Having recently broken the Score board for Survival mode (And it would be nice if my scores were deleted. 1.8 Billion points is obviously wrong) I’d like to suggest that a method be devised to insure that only unmodded ships and components may be used in these challenges. Otherwise the entire concept of the score board is meaningless as the ability to manipulate the the game files trumps skill in using what the game already has to offer.

Alternatively, making cost a calculated value would balance things out. If the modifications I made to the modules increased the cost of the modules, I would never of been able to fit my remarkably unbalanced weapons into the scenario.

I think cliffski is currently working on a supply feature. So hoarding weapons, especially custom ones, could be abolished. Depending on how it treats custom weapons.


So it may allow 99999 custom weapons. or none at all.

Ohh, scoreboard allows mods? Is THAT how some people get those crazy high scores…

Yeah, I was a bit cheeky and whacked a frigate hardpoint layout onto a fighter.

I cheated somewhat more… Turned the alliance lighting beam into a bloody death ray of doom, Then I made frigate engines worth a few million points each…

I would love to know what fleet is being used for those 600K scores.