[Suggestion] Targeting priorities

I’m sure this has been mentioned elsewhere, but I just had a battle which epitomises some of the problems with the ships’ targeting priorities at the moment. In this battle I had three squadrons of pulse laser equipped fighters blasting away at a heavy cruiser for 2-3 minutes, doing no damage and not looking like they would ever do damage. Over the other side of the map, I had 4 fast missile equipped cruisers shooting their hearts out at a bunch of fighters. Now, the battle was won so I’m not too disappointed :), but it’s brought out two problems to my mind.

The AI gets far too monomaniacal with it’s targeting. After a little while of futile shooting, surely both sets of ship should target something else surely? The fighters were pinning down a single cruiser, while my cruisers had other nastier cruisers shooting at them
The targeting orders are currently unclear. When I put the frigate priority at 70% , cruisers at 10% and fighters at 5% I don’t really expect my fighter/bombers to get stuck in dogfighting while there are ripe frigates and cruisers around. Maybe the enemy fighters were causing more damage to the my guys, but it seems slightly odd

I’m sorry if I’m just repeating other comments, but it was such a stark example that it seemed worth sharing. Still, I won with 60% of my fleet intact :slight_smile: