[suggestion] targets on read only bubbles

I’m hesitant to make a suggestion so soon after starting the game, but this one seems harmless enough and probably won’t matter to me once I’m an experienced player…

There are a number of bubbles that can only be indirectly controlled, eg: environment, technology, crime

These bubbles have nock on effects, and can be quite important, however they tend to move slowly enough that I have difficulty figuring out how much I need to shift something by.

Something that would aid my understanding, would be if I had a slider I could play with, that didn’t necessarily cause a game impact, but just gave me the standard transparent overlay of “this is what the outgoing effects will be if you hit this target”.

Of course you could put fun game play impacts on targets, however my primary reason for suggesting it is so that I could use it to more rapidly learn how much difference flow on effects are going to make

I’m a more experienced player by now and I like this idea. There have been times when I would have liked to have this to know if my current policies will get rid of the red situation or if I need to do more. (especially when playing mod countries)