[Suggestion] Theme battles

I was quite excited about this game, and it has exceeded my expectations. Well done, Mr Harris. Well done indeed.

I’m enjoying playing my way through the single-player stuff, and I’m learning a lot. What I think would be fun, and also educational, would be a set of themed battles against fleets of highly specific ships. For example, a fleet of faster ships with short range guns, or a fleet of very missile focused ships, or one depending heavily on fighters. Each mission should have a little blurb up front so you know what you’re up against. As well as providing some interesting challenges it would give the player a chance to experiment with different counters for each strategy.

Like the idea.

I’m thinking there should be a set of tutorial battles, to get new players up to speed on certain gameplay tactics and mechanics. That first mission is a bit of a challenge when you dont know what youre doing.

This is very similar to my thinking - the mod I’m working on is just three missions like this with some custom assets.