[Suggestion] Volley Command

A new command where a ship will hold fire until all it’s weapons are recharged rather then fire them independently, perhaps also force it to fire all it’s weapons at one target if a single target is within range of all it’s weapons. This can help break shields and give you a better idea of how often your weapons are hitting at what range on what targets. Right now the stats tell us the over all hits and we can’t break it down by target type let alone range, so seeing that near the extreme edge of your plasma cannons range they have a 10% hit rate versus destroyers. The command won’t stop your forward guns from firing if the rear are out of range because, since they haven’t fired, they’re recharged all the time. Also it’ll look cool, sure a steady stream of fire is pretty nifty but watching a cruiser light off all it’s weapons at once would look awesome. I suggest that the command cause your ship to fire at a single target because the point of a volley is to put as much firepower on target in the shortest time period so it makes more sense to have this command cause the ship to focus it’s fire all on one target.

Now that is a command I would like to see.

I’d quite like this for the torpedo and rocket bombers, but I want my cruisers and the like firing as fast as they can!

Well, since it’s a command rather then the basic behavior that shouldn’t be a problem if you don’t add it to your cruisers orders.

Yup, I’ve long considered an alpha-strike / salvo order, it’s just a lower priority for now than the deployment grid code + escort order tweak + tutorial improvements, which are what is currently holding up the nect patch.