Suggestion - WASD View movement

I don’t believe that the WASD keys are currently being used on the combat view. If not, could the arrows be double mapped to this position as well? Its a small thing but it really makes a big difference in usability for me.

But you jump into the nightmare of not qwerty keyboards… WASD is not good on an azerty keyboard !

Edit : just cheked. The way it is handled, for directions, it would work correctly… (but not really for text)

Thats true I suppose. I have other solutions for this, but sense it isn’t a big deal I’ll just request a simple option to enable WASD movement and leave it at that.

What is the ratio of qwerty to non-qwerty keyboards? If the later represent even a fraction of a percent I’ll eat my hat.

Anyway, WSAD movement, yes please.

Seeing as most of the world doesn’t speak English, I’ve a feeling you’ll be eating that hat of yours.
Maybe I’m missing something (or maybe it’s a bug) but could the screen scroll when your mouse gets to the edge of it. It would make for much smoother scrolling.

Either WASD or edge-of-screen-mouse-scrolling would be excellent.