[Suggestion] Zoom Extremes and Camera Tracking.

First off, I think this game has a lot of potential and am very excited to see how it ends up. I only got to play for about 30 minutes last night, and a lot of things I noticed have already been mentioned by other people. One thing that I have not seen been brought up is how far in and out you can zoom during a battle. I would like it if you could zoom far enough out to see the entire map. It would give you a really grand view of what is going on. Also, zooming in closer would be fun to watch a ship get destroyed or fire weapons.

Another function that could be nice is looking the center of the screen to a particular ship. Some times just focusing on a single fight looks neat, but can be hard to keep track of.

There is a button in the bottom left of the screen during a battle that allows you to target a unit for the camera to lock onto. It looks like a crosshair, give that a try.

For some reason I can’t get the hang of the crosshair. I get it to work sometimes. But with no feedback as to whether or not I even selected the ship, it’s hard to tell if I just turned it on or off.

As Legedi and I were discussing this morning, take a lesson from Supreme Commander, and extend the zoom range in both directions. I know at a point this will take away from the spfx zooming in as it will be obvious is it painted on bitmaps and drawn lines and arcs, so make an executive decision on how much you can zoom in or use higher res pics. It’s fun to watch a dogfight up close and see the ship you are following get slaughtered.