First, I think Sratship Tycoon is a fun game for anyone who enjoys the ‘build it up’ style of game (Like Age of Empires, Civilization etc…). This game is Star Control meets Firefly (the TV show / movie Serenity) meets Tradewinds.

Just a couple of suggestions. (Yes, thats one thing I like about here, you seem to listen to suggestions while other larger companies (Atari, Sony etc…) will ignore 99.999% of the posts that come in.

My suggestion is more freedom with the freeform style of the game.

Make the map larger or smaller,
Allow more or fewer planets
Adjust the intergalactic economy
Adjust the intergalactic crime / lawlessness
More ships in ports, even adding a random chance of ships, as opposed to (what seems) a set number of ships. Start off wih a list of about 25-100 names and just have random ships added at random times.
Newer technology, such as higher capacity fuel tanks

Also, looking at the .scn files, it seems that the “random” games are a little too set, could it truly be random, in other words, created when the game was started?

What do you think?

the random maps are truly random, but they get saved out as an SCN file so you can use them ok for save and laod.
Believe me, if I do get around to doing a starship tycoon sequel, it will be better , more moddable and more flexible in absolutely every way.

Cool, and thank you.

I saw the .scn files and though they were the data. :slight_smile: