hi there,
i like the game but i will suggest something,

the creamer makes more money as pills (+30$) and the pill printer only (+20$) so it needs 15 research pints to upgrade the pill printer to make more money as the creamer (2$) so i use the creamer even if i have no active side effect, i think there need a balance the primary effect of the creamer is reduce side effect maybe reduce the money boost of the creamer or increase production cost or increase base money boost of pill printer.

the uv mashine is realy nice maybe we need a mashine to bring the con. to 20

i dont understand why it cost money to color things, i dont think its worth to use money for a yellow belt, maybe set the cost to 0 or we can build a yellow belt instead of a green if we want for same cost of the greens

maybe add a smal cost of inactive mashines i never sell a mashine, i stockpile it if i dont need it anymore so i dont need to sell and rebuy it

maybe add a sandbox mode without timelimits and/or self set objectives
maybe add a random gamemode easy mid and hard with random objectives where you can make extra steam archivements :slight_smile:

spacebar for pause game will be nice


and maybe add the con. range to the cure window

maybe new bimoes like swamp and ocean (deep sea)
and more ingreadiance to heal things from tv and movie like planet of apes or resident evil, oh yea i like to make a cream to heal zombies :slight_smile: