I have played through a couple times and have definitely seen improvements in every single version and really good support for the game and I would buy any alpha you are working on because it was the same with Democracy 3. With that out of the way I would like to suggest adding some sort of engineering/parts quality mechanic. Tiers of items maybe tying in to some kind of staff training where the factory operates less efficiently for x amount of time while your staff gets training. Possibly give the option by slot so before you start a new slot you can train the staff and it happens faster because they are idle. Also events for the QA booth a car was rejected for some reason maybe a fail in a different part of the factory that is having issues. Also a more detailed distribution network maybe similar to that in Gear city (a turn by turn car manufacturing game). My main point is part quality the ability to improve value also a warranty system. Sorry for going a little bit everywhere with this but I have been waiting for a game like this for a long time and having a place to post while it’s still in development I get super excited.

Hi, thankyou for your thoughts. I definitely want to get quality and defects into the game. I even already have artwork for ‘high precision’ robots which ill produce ‘less defects’ :smiley:
My thinking is that all slots have a certain chance of producing defects in a car, and that regular QA checks will prevent that. To this end, I’m planning a bunch of QA stations with an area-of-effect mechanic which you could place down to ensure the quality of your cars is high, and the quality will feed through to a higher perceived value and sales price.

Would be cool to have a QA station with 2 outputs, 1 exit for cars that passed the tests and another one that has some faults. Then that line can be connected to a special station where the faults can be fixed and then send it back through QA.