Suggestions: 1st Week of Play

First off, this is definitely my style of game… highly intriguing and fun! There are a couple of things that would make it more fun for me… and IMHO others as well.

(1) Make the input/output ports something we can purchase and place.
(2) Give the ability to move a machine instead of having to destroy and replace it.
(3) Give us a “Retry” button on the machines. For example, on the MultiMixer, if I see that it’s not right and I “Toggle Base”, if I don’t have the drugs moving out, it won’t do anything until I do. Let me “Retry”, destroying the product in the machine and bringing in new to see the new result.
(4) Once we name our company the first time and pick a CEO, please remember that info for future scenarios. Allow us to change it, but don’t require us to put in a name every time.

(1) I agree with this.
(2) You can already move machines by double-clicking on them.
(3) Good idea.
(4) Totally agree

(1) YES!!! That would be the best thing ever!!! I was just about to post that same thing! Even if they are ridiculously expensive I would like to be able to.
(2) See first response
(3) I would definitely like to see this in some way, shape, or form.
(4) Agreed

(1) Personally I like the procedural generation. Though it would be nice I guess to be able to buy MORE
(3) I wish there was more information on the ‘cures’ or ‘ingredients’ tab. Should at least show current tier +1 so you can plan stuff out better. The whole “how we gonna make this drug? Let’s place a bunch of factory equipment and run stuff through it to find out!” feels thematically weird to me and seems to serve no gameplay purpose but to make things more convoluted. And repeatedly pausing the game and cycling between the factory floor and the ingredients tab to make sure the catalyst I want is going to match up with my t3 drug is irritating as well.
(4) Fk yeah!

As for #3, taking an idea from the Mekanism mod for Minecraft: Machines in this mod often have multiple inputs and it’s rather easy to screw up what gets sent into them. So they all have a “dump” buttons. Basically you click dump and then the machines empties its entire content into a virtual trash can.

Something similar shouldn’t be too diificult to put into Big Pharma, since it doesn’t need any extra models. Just put in a button to dump what mistakes we make in the mixer and the other machines, maybe at a price.

Agree with all points.

The firs one was actually in the game before it was released, but then got removed. Think it would be better if it was returned.