[SUGGESTIONS] About Science and stuff !

Hello everyone ! That’s quite some big ideas I’ve got here, most of them just can’t be added to the game but, hey, those are only ideas, and ideas are made to be shared.

I apologize for my english if it’s hard to read, but I do not speak english naturally. Please forgive me.

  1. Heat & Cold !

In Big Pharma, we manage a lab ! Lab means science and (I believe) that science means TEMPERATURE ! This suggestion is about keeping stuff to a certain temperature (cold or hot, no need to be more complicated) between two machines, using either Hot Belt, or Cold Belt.

As an example, we could have some ingredients requiring X concentration + Y catalyser + (Hot or Cold) temperature when entering “This machine” to be upgraded ! I truly believe this won’t be hard to add, and could be funnier, and fit with the game !

  1. More products !

Those are just more items that I believe should definitely be added to the game, however, I clearly don’t have any idea of what could be their specificities.

  • Suppository
  • Syrup
  • Inhaler
  1. Teleporter !

I know, I know, most people must think “But why?!” and I clearly believe this one has almost NO chances to be added ! But ! I thought a lot about this one !

First ! This will replace some of your belts. (High level stuff, you know?)
Second ! Not unlocked before the Hadrion Collider (As I said, high level stuff)
Third ! Can only work in straight line.

Technically, once the Hadrion Collider is unlocked, you will be able to research Teleporter. Once unlocked, you will be able to place “TP way in” and “TP way out”. The idea is to “Jump” your ingredients above all those belts and machines blocking the way and gain some room.

I’m not able to explain myself correctly… But at least I tried ! Have a good day every one !

First, the temperature, while it makes sense, would just add another set of complexity of the game that may be unnecessary. Second, I really do like your idea for more of the drug makers; that is your intention for these to be? Right? Lastly, a teleporter would make life too easy but you do say it is an endgame thing. However, the four way intersections are coming in the future (However for the life of me, i can’t figure out how to use them in a way to not reduce efficiency, depending on how Tim implements them)

I know the Teleporter sounds a little bit “Too much” as well.

About the temperature, well… I enjoyed a lot discovering and understanding that when I want to create a powerful cure, I need to combine more and more stuff and process the ingredients in more complicated ways. I sincerely believe that managing temperature as well could slightly complicate things, but probably not as much as other existings mechanics.

And yes, I definetely want to see more kind of final products. This will disappoint me if the final game doesn’t include more of them. (Just a little though, I love the game too much to become truly disappointed :D)

And thanks for the reply !