Suggestions: Cinematic mode and dynamic music

I was messing about with the automatic follow feature today, following fighters and such, when I suddenly realised that one of my cruisers was on the verge of collapse. Needless to say it exploded in a very gratuitous way, but that got me thingking, what if you could set the camera into an ‘automatic’ mode, where it just followed/panned/switched to ships or objects of interest.

Say you set it to automatic, and it chose at random a fighter to watch. Fighter blows stuff up then gets killed in an awesome way, then a missile cruiser moves into range of an enemy cruiser and fires. If the camera then switched to that cruiser as it fired and followed the missiles until they hit it would make the game immensely cinematic to watch, and if it also predicted things like the failure of shields/ship destruction you could set it to auto then watch your very own cinematic space battle, without having to pan around or click buttons at all.

The second thing (which might already be implemented but i’m not sure) is dynamic music. The first time I ran across this it was way back when with Total Annihilation, where the music would change from calm to industrious to battle-scene depending on what was happening. I’m not sure if this is currently implemented because i’ve had several moments where something awesome has happened and the music has changed slightly, but if the music could reflect how well you were doing and how frantic the action was it would be even more intense. Couple it up with cinematic mode and my head might explode.

I love watching a cruiser blow up and the shock wave pushing my fighters away