[SUGGESTIONS] create ship screen

The Mk I version of shields, engines, etc should go to the left of the Mk II versions. As it is, the Mk I is after the Mk III. Speaking of that, I’d like to have a little ‘I’ ‘II’ ‘III’ in the lower corner of the icons so I don’t have to mouseover. BTW, mouseover should be instant, no delay, on that screen.

Instead of bunching up the icons in a 5x5 grid, why not break them up by category? Have a line for beam weapons, another for missle, another for torpedo, special, etc?

I’d like to ctrl-drag an already installed part to make a copy of that part in another slot.

ctrl-drag would be nice, but the I, II, III on the icon would be simpy -wonderful-.

Can I request a few extra for things like shields that also come in Fast charging and Reflective versions?

Maybe P for powered armour also.

I’m modding the icons now, let you know when I have something.

All suggestions seconded.
Creating a ship and getting the needed infos takes longer than it should right now.

In addition to having a visual indication of weapon tier I would very much like to be able to sort the icons/modules according to a single stat. E.g. order by cost or by shield penetration or by shield strength… simply by clicking on that stat in the stat area below, perhaps?

I am now very much tempted to make a spreadsheet with all module stats to do some comparison and get a grip on them.

Even more ideas/wishes:

[]Add core ship stats like HP, shields, shield DPS, armor DPS to the ship’s pop-up info (when you move the mouse over the ship) - I am going slowly mad inventing ever new descriptive names…[/]
[]Add visual representations of stats, e.g. colored bars relative to the numeric value[/]
[]Add a way to compare the (overall) stats of two designs side-by-side[/]

BTW and since this is my first post: GREAT GAME! :slight_smile:

I would LOVE to be able to add notes to my ships on the edit ship screen - stuff like how it performs against whatever, optimal range mixes and orders, theory, that kind of thing. :3

Seconded (thirded? fourthed?). A sortable list of components would be great for those times when you’re looking for a certain special something.