Suggestions for 3rd DLC

Hi Cliff,

Some ideas for the 3rd DLC. Remember, I told you about the method office a few months ago. I know it’s not the priority of the game, that focuses on production but here’s something to think about.

The Methods Office links the production to the different services of the factory (offices). Thus, it would be him who would optimize for example the working time, the organization and the optimization of the offices but also the evolution of the tools of work. In each of these four branches, research would be done such as overtime, strain, 3 * 8, layout of the premises with meeting room, archives or even the discovery of the schedule of workers, communication equipment offices with computer equipment.

Each discovery would vary the productivity of the production line according to 3 parameters: Office efficiency, Employee stress and waste. Thus, overtime would increase production but generate additional stress for employees who would make more mistakes on the assembly. To counter this stress, a rest room should be put in place. This one would generate of course waste of time (thus a slowing of the chain of production) etc …

The subject is quite large, I will not monopolize the thread. I could tell you more if this point concerns you because I have some examples like the one above.