Suggestions for Challenges


Hi Cliff,

Challenges are great, and I’m looking forward to next week’s patch to prevent the crashing issue. One thing I thought of for the future is to keep more data on the win/loss ratio of challenges. It would be neat if there was a “metaworld” of sorts where different challenge submissions can gain/lose notoriety/points/bounty/etc based on how many players have tried it and won/lost. This way if someone puts together a pretty insane challenge, it would bubble up to the top for players that win most of the time to give them a solid run for their money.

Second to this idea, it would be pretty sweet if we can specify anomalies for a challenge we create. The player-specified anomaly could be anything or combination of stuff for whatever map. This can result in challenge maps that are, for instance, no dread/cruisers, engine speed doubled, shield halved. This would let players create all sorts of interesting scenarios such as frigate dogfighting without worrying about a cruiser raining on their party.


I’m happy that challenges are now working / only sometimes crashing. Big thanks. Now the game is on.