Suggestions for Democracy 3

  1. Personal promises: Works similar to Manifesto Promises. You can promise to a Voter Group that, if they turn out to vote for you, you will increase your popularity with them by 20%. You are therefore making a promise to implement policies favourable to that Voter Group.

  2. Non-violent Pressure Groups: Already possible by modding. You could create a Pressure Group with an ability to conduct an attack to increase the frequency of a Voter Group that hates you. You just have to make sure said Pressure Group doesn’t engage in terrorism. Still, it would be rather Orwellian to monitor said non-violent Pressure Group using the same screen as violent Pressure Groups.

  3. No Third Parties: I know many people want to implement this in Democracy 2, but frankly, unless you redesign the voting system to be have proportional voting, or tie the strength of political parties to Political Capital, third parties would act as spoilers, thereby making the game easier for the player. It would make sense that all groups hating the President would work together, and once the President is out of office, feud with each other over who takes over the country.

  4. Option For “No Term Limits”: It is theortically possible by modding the length of the term, but I still like to have it there just in case. If someone wants to play the game indefinetly, you should let him.

  5. No Assassinations Ending the Game: I usually play the Democracy series like I am running a political party, and assassinations really ruin the mood. It also doesn’t quite make sense: If you kill off a President, you’ll just have another President come in with exactly the same policies as the previous President. To me, Presidents aren’t just afraid of getting assassinated, they are afraid of terrorists creating a “crisis of insecurity” that the President’s Political Party cannot handle. The opposition can seize on this Crisis, and propose an alternative solution (increased security, talking with the terrorists, etc.). The President’s Political Party get thrown out of office.

I understand why Assassinations was implemented in the first place: To get you to care about the views of a fringe minority, even when you command the vast majority and run an enlightened dictatorship commanding 85% of the vote every election. But it makes the Democracy series less of a simulation and more of a…game.

Question: why not allow third parties but make them optional?

Something I would love to see is debating the competition. Maybe have key points, the main things going on in the country be the focus points of the debate(s).

Another thing would be a change of the look of the game. I hate to say this, but the game is a little stale, lookwise.

Something that would be interesting, but may be difficult to program in, would be to go into more details of laws. Yes, we can determine how much money goes into different things, but maybe go into more details.