Suggestions for future expansions

Disclaimer: I have not played Democracy 4 yet because I have a Mac but will be buying as soon as available!

  1. The ability to pick ministers at the beginning:
    This is probably the biggest one. I want to be able to pick the cabinet I want starting the game I know you can reshuffle but this would cause more replay ability instead of having to always play the same way if you don’t want to waste political capital. Either that or hold a election every 2 years for you cabinet and have the people pick it. This would cause an interesting dynamic and more replicate actual politics.

  2. Ability to go to war:
    This could be implemented in the policy tab, maybe have 5-6 different countries that the nation you are playing with that currently has tensions with. Enacting this policy would boost patriots, gdp, capitalists and employment but it would anger liberals and have a positive or negative affect on foreign relations. The slider would be from drone strikes, boots on the ground and full occupation. Either that or create situations to decide if you want to go to war or not and you can click the bubble and have the option to pull out. These policies should cost ALOT of political capital.

  3. Make elections more interesting:
    You should never win an election with 99 percent of the vote. I think this is the biggest problem with the current game. Some voters should by default never vote for you no matter what just like real life. This could be tied into where you are at on the political compass and which groups or most people in the group will not vote for you.

  4. Still play after you lose an election as the opposition:
    This would probably be very extensive to code but would be super interesting and extend games. When your opponent gets in they can make policy changes. What you get to do is influence groups to dislike them and vote for you. This would tie into expanding the electioneering dlc. You should have campaign funds you can spend on things like tv ads, speech’s, etc. While playing as the opposition you should be given little political capital to still change things as well as well as spending some to block things your opponent does. Making this change could make democracy 4 a multiplayer game!

  5. Turn down assassinations but tie the current system into domestic terrorism:
    When groups form instead of just having them be assassins, have them create havoc as well! This would be things like domestic terrorism, riots, protests, etc. policies should be added to help fight these things as well.

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I completely agree with the ministers one. I it could even be hyper streamlined with a system that allowed you to rank order the various ideologies based on how you intended to play so it would just give you a good cabinet quickly.

I think the war would be far too complex for this game though there are entire games dedicated to just that aspect of politics so attemping to ram it in here would make it end up being a worse version of those.