Suggestions for improvments

Hello there. This is a very addictive game :slight_smile: I have been watching many of dev. videos on youtube and have seen the games evolution to this day. I love where this game is going and especially the fact that C.H. is listening to the comments and suggestions. So if that is the case I would like to give my 2 cents on how to improve the game.

  1. fix conveyor: after you delete a part T or X junction you are left with a stub and that drives me crazy :smiley:
  2. fix conveyor: if there is a queue letโ€™s say between fit body and paint and you make a back loop where you connect fit body to chassis assemble, the cars if there is a only one space left for a car to queue, return back. But the weird thing is that, if you interrupt that back loop and add a T junction with fit body some cars go back to fit body and some go back to chassis assemble. If the game does that because of defects in the production I donโ€™t know. It does not say.
  3. What do the for example: fit front axle severity 256 mean?
  4. isolate defected cars, if you get defects and you do, there should be a way where you isolate the bed eggs and fix the problem in the future. In one of C.H. early videos on youtube he pointed out that he had some QC filler slots that would check the process of quality during f.i. fit body.
  5. you canโ€™t pick up and move already places items. It would be nice to be able move an already placed item. It can cost money to do so, but not the full price.
  6. the design studio should have more functionalities :):sunglasses:
  7. more and more tech :wink:
  8. this is for the far far future โ€ฆ have more types of cars. Like a pool of cars that a design studio can research :yum:

Anyway that are my 2 cents on this. The game is awesome and keep up the good work. :man_mechanic::smiley: