Suggestions For More Jerkass Policies

Enough being nice and friendly, let’s all suggest some heartless bastard policies! :smiley:


mandatory euthanasia for retired and disabled people.


Ooof, straight to Fascism. But that is a heartless bastard policy.

@cliffski What’s your opinion on truly totalitarian and fascist policies in your game? Genocide, fanatical racism, oppression of the underpriviledged, overwhelming state or private power, etc.? You mentioned about being neutral in your game, so should such detestable policies be present in your game? I only ask because most of the policies suggested on this forum are about being nicer as a government, and no truly evil policy seems to be suggested. Torture from secret police and the death penalty seems to be about as far as it goes. Should Democracy 4 show the frightening ease between lapsing from a liberal democracy to a totalitarian state? Should this be covered up or let loose? This would be in the spirit of neutrality.

Violent/insurrectionary, fanatical fundamentalist Education, would be one such other heartless bastard policy.

I’d think a cruel state is more willing to recycle the retired back into the battle field.

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Anyways. Back to being cruel. I do not approve of any of those following policies:

  • People can be fined or arrested if they have an animal pet, the animal pet will be taken to farm where it can be more useful.
  • The stuff you produce from your livestock/gardens/etc is forcefully taken and is contraband if you decide not to trade it.
  • If you believe in any religion, you will be taken to camps where they try to beat the faith out of you until you admit there’s nothing worth worshipping besides the leader themselves.
  • Make people from poor countries work for you and then steal their passports so they can’t return.
  • Authorize weather machine protocols for testing.
  • Devolve sentencing to instantly going to jail on police’s discretion. Prosecutors/Attorneys/Witnesses/Judges not needed anymore.

I would suggest the exact opposite! So far there aren’t very many humanitarian options for all sorts of problems including foreign policy, immigration control, military oversight etc. and the fascist end of the Law and Order section is devastatingly, overwhelmingly packed with options to reinforce a police state.

I’ve always seen many, many terrifyingly regressive policies come out, with very few of their opposites available. I’d be surprised to see any of the sensationalist, hyper-woke garbage the left is accused of actually make it’s way into the game. If they did, may I suggest:

  • Reparative Justice
  • Foreign Statebuilding
  • Pollution Criminalisation
  • Racism Criminalisation
  • Police Support Team Assisted Response (STAR) (police without the ability to threaten force)
  • Industry Nationalisation
  • Military Regime (like Prison Regime, allowing for humanitarian military)
  • Decolonisation Campaign

And to venture into the absurd:

  • Forced Poverty
  • Patriot tax
  • Big Bank Communism
  • Regulatory regulations to end small business
  • Sharia Law
  • Post-birth abortion
  • Gaslight kids toward the trans agenda
  • White genocide encouragement
  • Christmas Cancellation
  • Rainbow hair mandates
  • Daily presidential apologies
  • Repeal of private property & personal rights

Foreign statebuilding will be a real morass. But yeah, it would be a workable policy. Hyper-wokeness would also work towards keeping the game neutral, as an opposite to fascism/totalitarianism.


With reference to “Big Bank Communism”. I’m sure (atleast I think so) that American conservatives know what true leftism and communism is, but I guess screaming communism at everything probably gets you political points. Although I wonder at what point does shouting wolf get old? After all, it seems that Bernie policies are pretty popular in the electorate, just makes you wonder when Bernie will steal all those Republican votes?

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Absolutely. I’d say the closest to woke this game gets is diversity quotas, and those are common enough, if well-sensationalised.

I’m not so sure in the case of populist voters.

American socialism will succeed when the plurality of democracy is recognised to be logically consistent with the plurality of an economy that foremost serves its workers and consumers.

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“White Genocide Encouragement”? That can’t be a progressive policy, surely.

𝓌𝑜𝓀𝑒𝓈𝓉 𝑜𝒻 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝓌𝑜𝓀𝑒

I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to say here.

We’re talking about political radicalism. My suggestions were grouped into two pairings: actual leftist radical measures and the absurdist conspiracy theories the left-wing is accused of believing in.

As the link explains, white genocide is a right-wing conspiracy theory strawmanned out of a fear of cultural sensitivity and pro-immigration measures. The conspiracy theory, alongside the term ‘woke’ itself, have increasingly been wielded as sensationalist moral panics by the centre-right, much as was the case with the term ‘political correctness’ in the late 20th century. Both terms eventually came to mean very little beyond political dogwhistling.


So, what are you proposing? Some political correctness, whether conservative or liberal, does have a chilling affect on free speech.

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I’m afraid to ask if this happens in real life.

I feel like that would just be classified as murder at that point.

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Abortion means if it’s still inside the womb, right?

yes, I believe that’s the definition people use.

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