Suggestions for Steam Version

For most people, Steam Cloud support adds about £2+ to the value of a game if they play games on more than one computer. Achievements are fun but shouldn’t impact sales.

Another thing that I’d think about adding is Mac support on steam, mac users tend to be a bit blind about indie games but steam should change this.

That’s my two cents anyway.


Allowing Mac users in on indie gaming only gives them one more reason to act all smug.

Oh really?

/Mac user

hes right and you know it :smiley:

/hardcore PC fanatic

I bought this game for like 3 of my friends and we were sooo upset at the lack of Steam Cloud support, this type of game REALLY NEEDS IT!

That’s debatable, but I prefer to spend that time bouncing Swarm ships off of my front shields. :wink:

/doesn’t need to be a fanatic to enjoy GSB

I’m just joshing. Many of my close friends and loved ones are Mac users.

Then we’re cool. We’re all here for a good reason…we’re entranced by this unusual, compelling, highly-moddable game. :slight_smile:

That too is debatable, depending on your standards of “highly moddable” :wink:

Considering I managed to start modding just by reading some of the game’s text files and doing a bit of trial-and-error (“I wonder what this line of text is for?”), I’d have to say GSB qualifies as highly-moddable.

about along the lines of Space Empires series… especially Space Empires 5
i was amazed how highly moddable that game is, and its great that GSB uses the same simplicity and accessibility approach… makes it easy for us (if still not me) to create new content

You’re talking about easily moddable. Highly moddable, at least my definition, is be able to do an absolute ton of things to make different stuff for the game. Since GSB lacks even the rudiments of a scriping language (all you can do is configure hulls, modules, and missions), it’s not all that moddable. But what there is is easy to mod :slight_smile:

Point taken. However, since there’s not much else in GSB except “hulls, modules, and missions”, I’d say it’s pretty highly moddable too. :wink:

hehehe… I’ve also tried modding some other stuff, like font, and what it says in the menu…

I considered making a WTF mod, where every single thing in the game has the name WTF. Even the battles menu and such. xD

So you would make playing GSB about as frustrating as accidentally setting the ATM to a language you don’t understand. “Which button is this? They all say WTF!!! AAAARRRGH!!!”

yep, that’s about right. xD

I just bought collector’s edition of this game from steam a few days ago and have played ~30h now. I found it to be really great and totally worth 6€. However I would never have the full price even if I knew how good it was as it is flawed in almost every aspect. Sure it doesn’t have any major flaws and everything is just fine, but it could have been done much better. So here are my suggestions for improving the game.

Tribe fighters should have speed reduction or cost increase. It’s nice that there is atleast one race with good fighters, but they are maybe a little too strong as it is very hard to kill them even with anti-fighter weapons. Something has to be done. Edit: In addition to this, nerfing them would lessen the firepower of Tribe cruisers, because they would need to use some anti-fighter weapons too to counter enemy fighters. In other words this also solves the “Tribe cruiser rush” problem or atleast makes it a lot easier to counter.

Swarm should have bigger cost reduction, bigger armor reduction and bigger shield reduction. 20% doesn’t really let you build an swarmful of spaceships. 40% would be nice and 15 or 20% for those reductions.

Amount of standard modules and hardpoints should make a much bigger difference in spaceship cost.