Suggestions for update 1.38 or later updates

Hi, today give some suggestions for update 1.38 which are as follows:

  1. In my opinion in the cabinet of ministries there could also be a “box” for the president of the chamber and / or the senate and / or a box for the vice president of the republic (if it is a presidential republic)

  2. The law on civic education with the possibility of setting the compulsory timetable for dealing with this subject in schools

  3. another class of voters: the unemployed. In my opinion, they too have the right to be a class of voters like state employees etc …

Here are all my tips for update 1.38 (or later)

I hope you like them and that at least one you do (don’t feel compelled to do it, it’s just advice)

See you later


Hi! Thanks for posting again! I’m concerned about hyper-specificity with 1 & 2. But I like point 3.

Adding an unemployed class of voters would be really good, in my opinion. Nice suggestions!


thanks for the awesome information.

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thanks, my issue has been fixed.

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