Suggestions from my first 30 minutes

Hello, I am new to Production Line, and after playing for a while I noticed two big things that would improve my experience immensely.

  1. I am used to moving diagonally in 2D strategy games by moving my mouse to the corners. The game lets me do this with the bottom corners, but not the top corners. Not being able to was pretty jarring. It would be very nice to be able to do the same with the top corners, which I wouldn’t think is troubling considering the upper buttons are very big and you could easily discern between corner moving and wanting to click the exit button, for instance.

  2. I think the tutorial could be much more clear in two main terms: how to rotate builds, and how to place conveyors. It’s not clear from the tutorial that R is what is used to rotate, and that you need to double click a conveyor to make it a turn, etc. So it would beg reat to make it clear in the help tips.


Yup, our tutorial sucks and we are definitely planning on spending some more time on that!
regarding moving the map, we have loads of different ways to do it. Like you said, you can move the mouse to the corners, but you can also grab the floor and drag the whole world around using the mouse button. or you can use WSAD to move in each direction of the cursor arrow keys on the keyboard. Its very difficult to strike a balance between edge-scrolling and buttons on screen edges…