Suggestions from Steam Review

I love the game but here’s a few things I’dlike to see

  • When you start having to rework your factory, a “demolish everything in this square” button, would be awesome. You can demolish one single element but if you have snaking conveyors, then that’s a nuisance to have to remove them one by one.
  • I’d like the ability to remove more layers for visibility. EG turn off the import information, the schedule tooltip telling you which chassis is being made. You can turn off conveyer belts (but not the moving items).
  • When you have a resource belt and a conveyor belt in the same square and you only want to delete one, that isn’t possible. You have to delete one then the other.
  • I would LOVE to be able to turn off (lay off staff) the marketing/research departments rather than have to delete them and then rebuild them. At one point I was so short of cash, I had to delete them, was down to $57, grabbed a loan just before I went bankrupt, sold cars, paid off the loans and pulled the factory back to $6 million in credit, no loans.
  • It would be lovely to be able to repay loans early. In the example above, I had 3 loans, all of which I could repay but wasn’t able to in-game. This costs me interest. It would be nice to do an early repayment, even if you get hit for some type of financial penalty (EG you pay off your mortgage early, save the interest payments but get stung for a couple of thousand but you still win overall).
  • Personally, I’d like to be able to relocate my “small” factory into a larger factory. Not just the expansion zones but a whole new site. Basically trade up my existing factory. Whether keeping that existing factory going for a few days while the new large one is built or move the lines overwhole sale. I think that would be an interesting option.

FWIW you can already delete just the conveyor, I think its the shift key, but might be ctrl, plus delete key. it does highlight which will be deleted in red before you hit the delete key.

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