Suggestions: Improvements in deployment menu and battle

It’s a bit impractical that you can’t delete all ships you have selected by drawing a rectangle. You must delete them one by one. You should alter that. Another point is that it would be cool if you would be able to zoom out a bit further. This would give you a better overview of the battle field. In the present state of the game you always have to scroll to be able to see what is going on. Another suggestion is that there should also be battles in single player mode where you face the federation. With the other races you also have to fight battles against the race you have chosen, so I think this would be cool.

actually, you can delete ships by drawing a rectangle. draw one, then drag one if the selected ships out of the deployment zone, and the rest of the selected ships will be deleted.

Odd, I do this all the time.

If I drag a rectangle to select some ships, then press the delete key, all the selected ships disappear as expected.

Yes, but it doesn’t work to delete all selected ships by right clicking and choosing delete. That should be fixed.

no, it should stay. they can already be deleted, all at once, and there’s no need to make sure that there’s no way to delete only one when you need to.