[suggestions] release info / better save dialog / transl.

Hi Cliff,
I love this game, I just bought it and played for 3 hours straight :slight_smile:

The most important suggestion I have is about i18n; is there an internationalized version of this game? Would it be very hard to translate it? A game with such a fantastic educational value should be spread in politically-backward countries that might not speak english (like my native Italy…). Let me know if you need any help on that.

2nd suggestion: in the game main interface, there’s no mention whatsoever of the patch-level. I know one should just trust the update feature and check the resulting readme, but it can be useful anyway for those extreme circumstances in which an update cannot be distributed that way, and one has to check whether patch XXX has been installed or not. You could put a very small number in a corner in the Update section, maybe…?

Another one: the Save dialog should default to the name of the last-saved game, otherwise you’re forced to change “default name” every time you save…

Anyway, great work!

Ah some nice ideas, cheers. Next time I change something in the game I’ll sort those things out. There are no immediate plans for translated copies, but publishers should always feel free to email me :smiley: