Suggestions to cliffski

first of all I would like to thank cliffski for the amazing and highly addictive game.
I have few suggestions if you can please look into them.

can we have a ranking system based on posted challenges. this will help in influencing the players in posting good challenges and not spam stupid ones.
it should be based on a formula that takes into account the number of posted (to all) challenges and the ratio between attempts and victory on the posted challenge. so the more a player post good challenges he will move up in the leader and viceversa.
this idea can be combined with creating 2 challenge rooms, one for ranked and the other for unranked where new comers can post their challenges there. unranked challenges can have fixed expiry date so they vanish after a month or so.

There are so many challenges online, I can not keep track of what I have attempted already (attempted and failed / attempted and won). I have to search for my name in history to do that.
is it possible to color/mark challenges that the player has attempted already, also stamp the ones with a victory sign if the player has beaten it.

when the game crashes, it takes me ages to find it back again from the spammed challenges. I usually do not remember the challenger name and the description. the download section is messed up as well.
is it possible to have the last attempted challenge first or color it.

rating and difficulty is great. but can you add another feature on the challenge list like achievements/pins, for example:
reaching x number of attempts in a row
reaching x number of unique players
reaching x number of attempts for single player (insistence)
reaching a ratio of x between attempts and victories (could be done on 3 scales - >25 - >50 and > 75)…etc

finally, can we have a filter on the challenge list to show specific maps only, search for player name and his challenges, filter by number of attempts/victories (>= or <)…etc

thank you

I was taking a look at the challenge list recently, fixing some bugs which have meant that there were about 100 challenges that are corrupt (they are gone now). It is true that there are an insane number of challenges, and I should possibly take a fresh look at what features are needed to filter them down in more helpful ways.
Suggestions from everyone on what should be high priority in this area are much appreciated,

[size=200]search feature![/size]

Ahem. Yeah, that :slight_smile:

Hey Cliff;

Here are a few suggestions from a while back that I still think would be great to see implemented:




fully agree. we are on the same page
I specially like the favorate challenges idea. it is a pain to search for the good challenges to test my new fleet on before posting it online.

Filters, this is a must - there are just tooooo many challenges online. it is getting out of control.


Being able to create arbitrary “folders” of challenges would be best.
Edit: Tags are the new folders. Tags tags tags.
Edit edit: Why doesn’t the strikethrough bbcode work here? Hmph.

And the ability to easily delete challenges from the downloaded list.